RAMKOERS (collision course, 2014) is an exhilarating show in which the musicians dont take anything for granted, not even their own instruments.

In RAMKOERS, BOT challenges their audience to let go of all comfort zones and try something different. What starts with nothing but an empty floor, turns out to be an energy boost. The show is a visual and musical adventure, based on heart-warming compositions, a good sense of humor and a continuous feeling of insecurity. A straight-forward experience without any moralistic hoohaa in which the performers face a recognizable struggle to make something out of nothing. In all simplicity BOT dares to seek innovative solutions for common toughness, with an almost unstoppable stream of musical ingenuity. Materials that seems worthless are more resilient than ever: clattering ironwork, crying downspouts and rusty barrels provide both the instruments and the backdrop to a performance that you will not easily forget.

RAMKOERS gained numerous positive press critics. The show has been staged at main theatre festivals in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Estonia, Denmark, Switzerland and UK. In the upcoming years, the performance wil still be touring.

RAMKOERS is made by BOT, directed by Vincent de Rooij and produced by De Nieuwe Oost pop.

Photos below: Sigrid Spinnox

“De spelers hebben geen enkele pretentie, ze doen niet gewichtig of quasi-filosofisch, ze maken rauw, intens en uitbundig muziektheater”

de Theaterkrant ***


RAMKOERS /// Unidram, Potsdam /// 11 Nov –
RAMKOERS /// Unidram, Potsdam /// 10 Nov –
RAMKOERS (besloten event) /// Odeon /// 13 Oct –
RAMKOERS /// ANIMAKT Festival /// 16 Sep –
RAMKOERS /// Weitblick festival, Braunschweig (D) /// 08 Oct –
RAMKOERS /// Internationale Poppentheaterfestival Blickwechsel (Magdeburg, DE) /// 25 Jun –
RAMKOERS /// MOMIX, Kingersheim (FR) /// 27 Jan – 28 Jan 2022
Ramkoers /// Albi (FR) /// 07 Dec –
Ramkoers /// Heilbronn (D) /// 19 Nov – 20 Nov 2021