Music Theater Group BOT makes your event an unforgettable spectacle.

For BOT, a performance or event must be an unforgettable experience. The usual is not good enough for BOT, we never do it the easy way. If the matter doesn’t exist, we create it ourselves! For example, we have a collection of more than 65 unique self-made music machines, with which we make spectacular musical theater on location. Artificial dentures that clap a polka, axes which in rhythm break a piece of wood, an ground crawling accordion. With these kind of unique tools and machines, we can make al kinds of customized experiences.

In addition BOT has also been teaching students of music theater ArtEZ for a number of years now. In this way we let the students get acquainted with our way of work, and literally get in touch with our music machines.

Interested? We are happy to address the challenge! Contact Linde Légat through:
[T] 0032 472966277

Examples of commissioned shows

Opening airport Twente

ceremony Overijsselse culture award

Open monuments day Deventer

(photos: Sjon Heijenga)