At the moment when certainties suddenly all become relative, BOT create CRASH. We were all rushing forward at an ever-increasing speed, but now everything has suddenly come to a standstill. Nothing is what it used to be. We aren’t. You aren’t. Nothing is.

In theatrical machines, catchy compositions and evocative images, BOT capture the desperation and the weighty questions this raises. Where do we go from here? Are we setting a new course? And who, in fact, are we now?

In CRASH the imagination provides a welcome quarantine zone, in the hope that there is still some comfort or perspective to be found among all the wreckage. CRASH is an evocative visual and musical adventure, with deceptively simple special effects and physical acting.


Fill up the glasses! As long as the bottom of your glass is not in sight, you’re fine. Life should be a party with ear splitting trumpet blare and everlasting confetti fields. But even though you don’t want to know: from the corner of your eye an unavoidable brick wall emerges and at some point you will hit it… What if the music stops and you’re suddenly full force facing the concrete?

De witte hand staat in de voortuin
Kijkt door het raam, hij heeft de tijd
De witte hand telt op z’n vingers
Hij telt jouw jaren, je raakt ze kwijt


RAMKOERS (collision course, 2014) is an exhilarating show in which the musicians dont take anything for granted, not even their own instruments. The show has been staged at main theatre festivals in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Estonia, Denmark, Switzerland and UK. In the upcoming years, the performance wil still be touring.


Sometimes a band adresses the challenge to trade in the music venue for the theater stage. This time, it’s the other way around: music theater group BOT presents itself on the music stage with their first, brand-new album: PLAAT.

The Sound Of

Het Geluid Van (The Sound Of) are site specific performances, inspired by the original identity, sounds and function of abandoned buildings at places throughout the Netherlands. BOT tells the story of industrial heritage buildings by making a musical theatre performance on site.

Since 2011 BOT generated a series of 14 projects on site, each of them starting from scratch, every episode to be played in a unique series on the very same spot wich is the muze of the story to be told.

We The Drowned

WE THE DROWNED is a raw, poetic and inspired music theater about the glory days and downfall of the Danish city Marstal, that wavered between hatred and love for the sea and her shipping. In collaboration with WALPURGIS and Kloppend Hert.

My Faust

Goethe classic, firmly tackled with music from self-built machines, amazing video projections and physical play. Goethe meets Tom Waits. In MY FAUST, the darkness creeps deeper into life, the boundary between good and evil becomes wafer-thin. A story about lost innocence, carnal hunger and unstoppable desire.

Four Brothers

A small, hilarious saga about the life and times of four farmers’ sons, all too freakin lazy to spend some time maintaining their livestock. Their initial herd of 1000 beasts has shrunk to one left. And besides lazyness… there’s hunger.


‘What if we make a production within a month without any budget to spend, give it our best shot and see what we come up with. Than stick it in a borrowed rusty van, take it to a small shed at the Oerol Festival, serve it raw to a theatre audience and see what happens.’

Breek het af, kaal en leeg
Breek het af, trek het kaal en leeg