Fill up the glasses! As long as the bottom of your glass is not in sight, you’re fine. Life should be a party with ear splitting trumpet blare and everlasting confetti fields. But even though you don’t want to know: from the corner of your eye an unavoidable brick wall emerges and at some point you will hit it… What if the music stops and you’re suddenly full force facing the concrete?

Music theatre group BOT pulls you in to exactly that moment. What do you do when the sense of finitude first settles in your head? If the leak is finally too great to seal, which ballast will you discharge first?

LEK is an astonishing show about lust for life and the fear of transience. Right in the unstoppable process of decay BOT ventures into the quest for what really matters. For your eyes an antique cello with auxiliary motor plays her last halting serenade, graceful and fragile like an old lady. But even though it is frighteningly silent all around you, in your head it is buzzing louder than ever. In LEK you have no choice but to completely immerse yourself and face the confrontation yourself.

”A beautiful and moving performance ‘LEAK’ with faltering machinery of anility in a major role”
**** Volkskrant 12-6-17

LEK is a Dutch production made by  musical theatre company BOT, director Vincent de Rooij (Dogtroep), dramaturge Marijn van der Jagt and production company De Nieuwe Oost pop.

Poster image by Joris van Oosterwijk, Stamping Project.

“Ontroerend mooie voorstelling LEK: de haperende machinerie van de ouderdom.”

De Volkskrant ****