‘What if we make a production within a month without any budget to spend, give it our best shot and see what we come up with. Than stick it in a borrowed rusty van, take it to a small shed at the Oerol Festival, serve it raw to a theatre audience and see what happens.’

That was roundabout the mindset of the first series of BOT performances. Backed by a nice festival who (as well as we) didn’t have a clue if it would work out, we just did what we thought of to be nice to experience. No fancy meanings, just a plain and honest combination of what we think is funny, a risky and happy testcase. Well.

Within two days BOT turned out to be the must-see by word of mouth. Every single show we had a very emotional audience in our small shed at the Spanjer family farm, leaving mostly jumping of energy, often with tears of joy. Five extra shows, in a week 18 times sold out. “You dudes have a big problem! It definitally doesn’t get any better than this!”

Not only our audience ended up with a massive WTF… So did we. Without any set-up plan we seemed to hit an extreme broad spectre of feelings with what we just did there… But what did we do, actually?? We took half a year to find out what happened and to decide to push on. More of this!